Cheapest Air Freight from China to Singapore

Cheapest Air freight from CHINA TO SINGAPORE 

  • Air service from international ports
  • Door to door
  • Local air clearance






*Above rates is only for C.O.D
*Above is in door to door charges from GuangZhou to Singapore.
*For delivery address without lift level, there will be a labour charge of SGD 50 per block of 50 cartons.
*Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 6000 (equals the volume weight in kg)

Please advise your supplier to add the marking as follows: SG/(your company ID)

T/T : Est 2-3 days to door

Declare Regulations:

1. Declared value below SGD400 (around USD275). No additional delay and No GST
2. Maximum weight per shipment : No limit
3. Maximum quantity of piece : No limit
5. Maximum weight per piece: 70KG