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Our dedicated team of drivers and our fleet of vehicles including vans, covered lorries with tailgates and other commercial transport ensure that your transportation needs for goods or events are met on time, everytime.

Whether you manage a large corporation or own a small business, it is important that you hire a moving service when you decide to move one of your offices or your place of business to a new location. Large businesses, factories, corporations, and warehouses are much different than houses because of the equipment and furniture that is involved in the move. Commercial movers will make the transition easy for you and move everything as quick as possible, so that you can get back to work.

One of the most painful experiences when going through an office move is the cost. Some companies will give you overcharged estimates, and others will change it out of the blue. To avoid this hassle, search for a company that offers no obligation price quotes. These are a great way to save money and time because they allow you to compare price quotes from multiple companies side by side. Another way to ensure that you are getting the fairest price is to use a company that provides on site estimates. On site estimates let you receive an itemized list of all charges, and give you the opportunity to plan the move with the company ahead of time.

One of the most common phrases we hear is, “timing is everything.” Well, the same is just as true for commercial movers. The timing of a move is one of the most important aspects because of the potential effects a delayed move could have on business. In order to reduce your risk of moving delays, try to find a company that uses GPS trackers on its trucks. GPS trackers are one of the only ways to ensure that your move is done in a guaranteed timely manner.

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